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Brotzu Voice

Football Fever!

Dear friend! The Football Fever has hit the nation!!! =) Everyone here in England is going totaly crazy for the world cup, everywhere you go you find England flags hanging up, all the newspapers dedicate many pages to it and everyone talks about it, especialy when the England match is close. Even if I normaly follow Rugby and don’t care much about football I’making an exeption this time because of the world cup. This year our  team managed to enter the competition after being humiliated two years ago when it didn’t qualify for the Europeans. This time a strong team and new coatch, the Italian Fabio Capello, rased everybodys hopes of reaching the final that will take place in Johsnesburg on the 9th of July. The Football world cup is one of the most important sporting events, that catches the attention of milions of people that follow it from across the globe! England this year has good enough chances to "live the dream" as long as it belives in it’s capabilitys and if it will work hard it may win in South Africa it’s second world cup (the first one was won in ninteen-sixtysix). Fingers crossed and GO GO ENGLAND!!! Do you like football? Wich teams do you support (appart from Italy!)  in the world cup?

Write soon,





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